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Hey . I’m Aanika.

I am the do-er of all the random things. I’m always starting a new project , and trying out a new idea. When I’m not out shooting, and editing , I spend the majority of my days home working on our fixer-upper farm and hanging out with my family. We’re kind of a crazy bunch who love spending time outside, nature, and motor sports.

About weddings :

I shot my first wedding in July 2010 ,and took off running. This is the greatest job I could ever ask for. I LOVE weddings, and families, and people who love each other. I LOVE capturing images that tell a story, or make people laugh , or cry and I love doing all of this with my BFF , maid of honor at my own wedding , and second shooter Katy. We’ve been doing this for awhile now, so we have memorized the all the shot lists, and have the timelines conquered. We probably know whats going to happen next before you do ;) Experience has been a great tool to allow us to get comfortable covering all the bases on a wedding day with ease, so that we can take it a step further creatively. We still love figuring out new photography techniques and talking with fellow cool/nerdy photographers about how we can make the next shot even better. We are going to work super hard to get you everything you want and more from your wedding photos, and be so excited to do it.